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Professur für Musikwissenschaft – Prof. Dr. Kordula Knaus

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TOSC@: Anmeldung für die Konferenz ist ab sofort möglich


Registration is now open for the 4th Transnational Opera Studies Conference
hosted at the University of Bayreuth, June 23–26, 2022

Tosc@Bayreuth.2022 provides:

  • Over seventy papers and three round tables on various aspects of opera and its history
  • Keynote lectures by composer and musicologist Neo Muyanga (Cape Town, South Africa) and theatre and dance historian Monika Woitas (Bochum, Germany)
  • Tosc@-Award-Winner Address by José Izquierdo König (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  • Concert with Countertenor Kai Wessel, Soprano Julia Kirchner and Musica Alta Ripa in the Margravial Opera House  
  • Guided tours to the historically significant operatic venues in Bayreuth (Richard-Wagner-Festspielhaus, Villa Wahnfried and Richard Wagner Museum, Margravial Opera House)

Further information and registration: https://www.tosca2022.uni-bayreuth.de/

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